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The Sikh religion is based on Hindu and Islamic spiritual traditions. This site presents the religious beliefs of a population centered in the Indian province of Punjab along with their history, literature, culture.
Course: World Civilization

Covers a number of categories related to Sikhism and the Sikh people including history, religion, and literature.... see more


When the web site comes on screen click on the icon Introduction. Answer
Questions 1-5.
1. How old is the Sikh religion?
2. How many Sikhs are there in the world today?
3. Who and what is a Sikh?
4. Name the Sikh beliefs?
5. Who founded the Sikh religion and in what year?

Go back to the Sikh home page. Click Sikh Gurus. Answer Questions 7-9.
7. What is a Guru and name the ten Sikh masters or Gurus?
8. When did the Sikhs stop having a master?
9. What is the holiest city in the Sikh faith?

Go back to the Home Page. Click Sikh Saints. Answer Question 10.
10. How does one become a Sikh saint and what contributions have Sikh saints

Go back to the Home Page. Click Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab. Answer
Question 11.
11. Describe each of these holy sites.

Go back to the Home Page. Click Sri Guru Granth Shabib. Answer Question 12.
12. What does this religious text tell us?

Go back to the Home Page. Click Select Writings.
Answer Question 13.
13. What do other select Sikh writings tell us about this religion?

Go back to the Home Page. Click The Khalsa.
Answer Questions 14-15.
14. Who and what is a Khalsa?
15. Describe the spirituall evolution of a Sikh.

Go back to the Home Page. Click Reht Maryada. Answer Questions 16-17.
16. What is the Reht Maryada?
17. What is the Sikh Code of Conduct and Conventions?

Go back to the Home Page. Click Sikh Religious Philosophy. Click Ceremonies
and Festivals. Answer Question 18.
18. Name the important Sikh religious festivals and identify why each one is

Go back to the Home Page. Click Virtual Tour for Amritsar. Take a virtual tour
of this Sikh holy city. Answer Question 19.
19. Describe the Golden Temple and explain why this site is so important to the
Sikh people.
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Technical Notes

Basic computer skills.


A knowledge of the History of India.


Asia: South Asia: India, Political, Race/Ethnicity, Religion.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with an understanding of the religious beliefs, history, and culture of the Sikh people of India.