Learning Exercise

Designing a School-to-Work Project

Students will develop an outline of their own School-to-Work project modeled after the previously funded program profiles listed on this site.
Course: Upper level or graduate course in transition issues for students with disabilities

This site describes a 3-year, nationwide project which was funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of the... see more


1. Go to the School-to-Work Outreach Project website at

2. Click on Exemplary Profiles.

3. Read through several of the 21 profiles listed.

4. Think about the setting where you work or would like to work.

5. In pairs, devise a school-to-work program outline for the students you serve.
Include the following items in your outline:
a. Mission and Goals
b. Organization and Program Context
c. Community Setting to be Served
d. Population to be Served
e. Model/Practice/Strategy Descriptions
f. Exemplary School-to-Work Components
g. Potential Staff

6. Present your outline to the class and lead a discussion of its potential


Knowledge of basic website navigation and transition issues


Career Education/Special Education

Learning Objectives

Culminating activity to show the in-depth working knowledge of what is required for a successful transition program