Learning Exercise

Cause and Effect Essay With Collaborative Writing

The purpose of this assignment is to use group expertise to write an essay on any aspect of family relationship problems using the Cause and Effect technique discussed over the past week. You may use personal experience, but you are required to use at least one print and one Internet source
Course: English 101

Basic instructions for writing an essay see more


You are assigned to work with three other students in a chat room on the course web site. Your chat room number and the names of your group members have been emailed to you.

It is your responsibility to meet with your group, decide how and when to accomplish the assigned essay, and divide the tasks:

How to Organize Your Group:

Assign each member of the group one of the following tasks:

Researcher looks up any information needed

asks questions directed at the instructor

writes the Works Cited page)

Composer writes to initial draft of the essay

submits the draft to the group for revision in a timely manner

Reviser reorganizes the initial draft into cohesive, logically arranged paragraphs

writes the second draft and submits it to the group in a timely manner

Editor combs the second draft for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

writes the final draft and submits it to the group in a timely manner
Additional Information: KnightS@tncc.vccs.edu

Technical Notes

Students should use assigned chat rooms to arrive at a topic for the essay; students should check the chat room daily at a mutually convenient time in order to provide input and feedback into the project. All drafts, notes, and records of chat room discussions will be posted to the discussion page on my website.


Understanding conflict in a story, cognition of a specific social or family relationship problem, ability to generate descriptive or narrative detail to expand a writing work, ability to construct a Cause and Effect essay.


: thesis statement, hook, anecdote, support statement, elaboration, exposition, conflict, parenthetical documentation, works cited, revision, editing, proofreading, immediate cause, ultimate cause, immediate effect, ultimate effect

Learning Objectives

1. Narrow a thesis
2. Engage in research for supporting evidence
3. Determine validity of textual evidence
4. Organize, compose and revise
5. Use Cause and Effect organization
6. Write collaboratively
7. Apply the Writing Process