Learning Exercise

Use a Webmonkey Tutorial

Describes how to use a tutorial at the "webmonkey" site to learn the basics of writing HTML code
Course: web site development

Website offers tutorials and articles on web page authoring, design, multimedia, e-business, programming, backends... see more


Go to the webmonkey page, then click on the Authoring folder on the left side of
the screen
Click on the HTML Basics link that appears below Authoring, then click on the
link for the Intro to HTML article on the linked page.
Open a text editor such as Notepad in Microsoft Windows.
Read through the Intro to HTML article. Use your mouse to highlight the HTML
code on the page, copy it, and then paste it into the text editor. Modify the
content (the words not enclosed in < > brackets) based on what you want to see
in the page.
Save the file as type All Files, with the name of anything.html, in a location
where you can find it easily (such as the Desktop in Windows).
To view the web page you just created, use File>Open Page (Netscape Navigator)
or File>Open (Internet Explorer), and Choose File (NN) or Browse (IE) to find
the file. Then click on the Open button and the following Open button (NN), or
Open and OK (IE) to load the file in the browser.
If your file doesn't look the way you want or you wish to experiment, go back to
the text editor, make changes, and save the file again. Then click on the
Reload button (NN) or Refresh (IE) to view the changes.
Click on the "learn more" link at the bottom of the Intro to HTML page to find
out other things you can do with HTML to enhance this web page.



web browser, text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, basic computer skills including: highlighting, copying and pasting text; saving files; finding files and opening them


web site development, web page programming