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Marianne: Q&A

Who is this woman with the red Phrygian bonnet who has come to be the symbol of France? Supermodels and actresses have posed for sculptures in her likeness. What is it about this woman that makes her a cultural icon? This exercise introduces the student to the figure of Marianne and reflects on her historical significance. Part one is a simple question and answer exercise on Marianne using the Symboles de la Republique site. This part provides the historical background. Part two consists of a deeper investigation of the characteristics of
cultural icons like Marianne and challenges the student to think more deeply about the topic. Part two questions can be answered in a discussion forum for greater interactivity.
Course: Second year French and above

All of the French national symbols in a site useful for French language and civilization courses. There is a MERLOT... see more


Assignment Overview

This assignment, based on
the Symboles
de la République web site,
will give you cultural and historical
insights on the famous French symbol, Marianne. Actress Catherine Deneuve, singer
Mireille Matthieu and even Brigitte Bardot have been portrayed as Marianne in
sculpture. However, who is this woman and why does she represent the French
republic? This exercise will increase your factual knowledge as well as challenge
you to think more deeply of the role of Marianne. It will also help you practice
your French.

Part One

This part of the
assignment will give you some historical background. Follow the directions below.

1.On the Symboles page, click on
the Marianne graphic.

2. Read the accompanying text. Need
a dictionary?

3. Look at the Additional info URL
for more background on Marianne

4. Answer the following questions
and send/deliver them to your instructor.


1. Comment Marianne est-elle typiquement

2. Quelle est l'origine du bonnet

3. De quoi Marianne est-elle le

4. Sur quels objets trouve-t-on
la figure de Marianne aujourd'hui?

5. De nos jours, quelles personnes
celebres ont inspire les nouvelles images de Marianne?

Part Two

These questions may be
the subject of an online discussion forum or may be used in class:

1. Regardez ce tableau d'Eugène
Delacroix, Liberté
Guidant le Peuple
. Comment la Liberté est-elle représentée
dans ce tableau?

2. Lisez
le poème
d'Auguste Barbier sur le tableau de Delacroix. Quelle est
sa vision de la Liberté?

3. Y a-t-il un personnage dans la
culture de votre pays qui répresente l'esprit de la nation? Justifiez
votre réponse.

4. Que pensez-vous du choix des top
models et des actrices comme des symboles patriotiques?

Pour en savoir plus

Visitez le site de Marie Ponterio,









Second year college French. Intermediate reading proficiency.


French culture, history and civilization

Learning Objectives

To develop awareness of French cultural icons, particularly Marianne. To learn the historical significance of the French national symbol, Marianne. To practice reading and writing skills in French, using authentic materials.