Learning Exercise

Chicago Manual of Style FAQ. Add on Assignment for Editing Quotations

Information contained in the FAQ can be used to solve editing problems. The Chicago Manual represents a credible authority for establishing sound editing practices. This exercise offers help with editing for punctuation and added material within quotations.
Course: Editing for the Professional (Technical Editing)

Answers to a variety of style and manuscript preparation questions, based on the 14th Edition of the Chicago Manual of... see more


Go to the URL shown above for The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ.

Scan the Index on the left of the page for quotations.
Open and review Questons and Answers. Now, solve the following editing problems:

  1. How are the following punctuation marks shown when used as end quotation punctuation within documents printed in the United States?

    a. commas

    b. semicolons

    c. colons

    d. periods

  2. What is the purpose of using brackets within a quotation?

  3. How would you show that bracketed material was provided by a previous writer?

  4. What will you do as an editor if your author needs to add his or her own bracketed material to a quotation that already contains bracketed comments contributed by a previous writer?

Enjoy this exercise. If you discover a new gem of editing knowledge in these FAQs, you may submit it along with the exercise answers for extra credit towards your homework requirement.

Additional Information: http://bb.nvcc.vccs.edu

Technical Notes

Can type responses directly into Blackboard Optional Exercise or save to submit for Assignment 7, Month 4, Selected Homework


Basic familiarity with grammar and standard English usage within U.S. publications.


Use of a Resource as Editing Authority, Punctuation within Quotations, Use of Brackets within Quotations

Learning Objectives

Develop ability to scan and locate solutions to editing controversies within a reliable publishing authority, such as The Chicago Manual of Style.