Learning Exercise

Building an Online Learning Environment

How can learners interact effectively in an online learning environment? The first step in answering this question is to understand the importance of a Netiquette Statement as part of the design of the online learning environment. The second step is to develop a Netiquette Statement. The final step is to apply the statement by developing interactive, online communication as part of the learning environment.
Course: Training course for faculty who are developing online courses and assignments

This interactive quiz is designed to test your knowledge of "Netiquette" or network ettiquette. Netiquette covers common... see more



This assignment will provide an opportunity for learners to think

about how online communication can be designed to enhance learning.

assignment is based on information found in the Netiquette Quiz and
the Design

Principles for On-Line Instruction web sites. The assignment is designed
to help

 faculty to think about how to create an online environment where
students can

interact effectively with other students and faculty as part of the


To complete the assignment, please go to


Technical Notes

Learners will need to have Internet access and the use of a browser.


Some knowledge of the Blackboard course management system


Creating a Netiquette Statement, Online Communication, Learning Strategies

Learning Objectives

To write a Netiquette Statement for an online course or electronic communication assignment. To develop an online process to inform students about the Netiquette Statement. To develop an online discussion forum to engage students in thinking about online communication. To participate in a discussion forum about netiquette and online communication to enhance learning.