Learning Exercise

The Great War and Tar Heels

a research and reflection project for individual or collaborative projects that will allow learners to delve into domestic primary documents of the Great War.
Course: American History

This site offers "a collection of sources on Southern history, literature and culture from the colonial period through... see more


Part I

Either individuals or groups (of no more than six persons) should enter the site and go to the section pertaining to the Great War and North Carolinians. Become familiar with the navigation of the site.

Part II

All students should read the general overview of NC and the Great War.

Part III

Then review three primary sources within each section: Before, During or After the war--make sure that at least two of the sources come from individual authors, farmers, soldiers, etc.

If this assignment is done by individual students, he or she may select their own subject. Group topics ought be assigned by the facilitator.

Part IV

Review the material and provide a cohesive essay or presentation about the material examined in light of the Great War and larger national developments.


general computer skills and familiarity with site navigation


Great War
martial preparations
soldiers' lives
North Carolina
North Carolinian lifeways

Learning Objectives

to provide learners with a better understanding of contemporary perspectives on the Great War by North Carolinians, Southern lifeways in the early twentieth century, honing research and argumentative skills.