Learning Exercise

Comparative anatomy support for evolutionary adaptations

Utilizing the students knowlege of anatomical and physiological adaptations,compare bone structure of the human, gorilla and baboon.
Course: Biology 1

This interactive site allows participants to learn about skeletal anatomy by viewing the bones of a human, chimpanzee,... see more


Submit a comparision of the bone structure of the human, gorilla and baboon
which supports the evolutionary relationship of these primates. Use your
knowledge of the anatomical and physiological adaptations.
Additional Information: see Grades in Webct class

Technical Notes

Follow the directions in the General Site. Select Comparative Anatomy and select the bones, taxa and view you wish to compare. Click the "Compare" button.


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Evolution, Comparative Anatomy

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Use hands -on observations to establish relationships between species and understand these relationships in an evolutionary context