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The creation of a website which includes pages describing ancestral stories or collections of one's heritage presented in a creative manner.
Course: Family Communication

Collections + [RE]collections is an interactive Website embodying my 90 year old father?s World War II experiences. It... see more


The History/Heir project deals with our heritage. We all come from a heritage.
This heritage includes stories, jokes, quotes and other valuable ancestral
information for us to think about, understand and apply to our own lives
perhaps. It is fascinating to explore your varied background, the culture, the
ethnicity, and the nationalities represented in your family history. Including
locations, dates and any information about what in general was happening in the
world at the the place where a story is centered or a photo is located enhances
the presentation of what you learn for all of your family.

Explore this website, (Collections {RE}Collections)and read through it
thoroughly. Run your cursor over the picture on the home page and click on all
the boxes with picture and phrases on each page of the site. Click on the
bracket to go back and see additional photos on the pages where it says (RE}view
at the top. Read the annotations and comments that others have submitted. Make notes of ideas that occur for you to use or do on your own project. This project
will insure that some large aspect of your family remains for future
generations .

?You are to prepare a preservable record on line by creating a website of your
family history.You may use any of the complimentary websites available for you
to create your own work on or your own website, if you have one. Here are some
suggested methods of accomplishing this goal:

A. You may write a story of the entire family, specific individuals or branches
of the family. You must include photos or graphics and consider and utilize any
creative design applications that you can. This must be presented in a manner
that is easy to read and very descriptive. Be sure to include appropriate dates
and other interesting detail. Your site should be easy to use and have working
links to other pages. You may add music if you like and any other multi-media
techniques that you might be competent to include inyour presentation.

B.You may do a family scrapbook, including labels, relevant explanations and
dates when possible. (This can be accomplished if you have artifacts or items,
family heirlooms, old records, letters, etc. from your ancestors and you use a
digital camera, photograph them, and scan them into a presentation for viewing
on line. You might already have scan-able photos and that would work also).
Again, utilize creative and/or artistic means to make your presentation
enjoyable and valuable to your own family.

C.You may create an on line Photo Album in which you identify individuals and
add in information from a genogram, dates, explanations or other family
information that you might acquire or have access to. (You will need to scan
photos into some form of an album that you create on line. Some Internet
Providers provide album-making software within their programs. If you know how
to set up tables you can do your own pages, adding background and graphics if
you like).

D.Gather information by communicating with family members, looking through photo
albums, contacting that great aunt or grandfather, checking the family bible or
baptismal and birth/death records. Research genealogy sites and Social Security
information and church records and any other source which might lead you to
more information to help you with your project.

IMPORTANT: The value of this project is also based on its apparent
preservability. How will you save it? How will you protect it for future
generations? You effort, creativity, apparent involvement in researching and
retrieving information for your own family?s future generations, ease in
understanding and reading/viewing and comprehensiveness all adds to your own
personal family record. The links to your final project and genogram must be
posted on the Group Forum in the Discussion area with a brief introduction to
the class with regard to what was involved in doing this project.

Here are some helpfullinks to get you started researching:







http://www.genopro.com/ (excellent for setting up a preservable family tree).




http://www.cyndislist.com/ (terrific for all kinds of family history-different
geographical areas, nationalities, races, and historcal events).

These listings will get you off and running, but there are zillions of sites to
explore and offer help for this over-all project. Have fun and happy hunting!


Technical Notes

Students need to be capable of creating a webpage or have the ability to learn how to during the run of the class.


Currently in Family Communication or Basic Psychology class.
Study of Genogram preparation. (Website provided above).


Family History
Enhanced Family Communication Today
The Value of a Genogram

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

To establish a more definitive sense of identity,
to improve self-esteem,
to identify breakdowns in family communication and interaction,
to improve one's own family relations, and to
role model the benefits of positive communication and behavior skills for descendants