Learning Exercise

Raise Questions - Reap a Discussion

This website is the perfect ingredient for a good bag-of-tricks. Below are just a few possible questions that could elicit discussion or comparison reports in a multitude of disciplines.
Course: History, English, Art, Linguistics, ESL, Social Science, Psychology etc.

A Web site devoted to authentic music and poetry of the American cowboy. It includes audio and video, journal articles... see more


The wonderful material covered in this website offers opportunities for a
multitude of cross-curricular examinations. It is rich in authentic content
suitable for questions and discussions.
Some possible questions or topics in specific disciplines might include:
History: Correlate events from the Westward movement's lifestyles and challenges
to those described in the poetry.
Linguistics and English: These poems and songs are splattered with
Colloquialisms and slang characteristic of incipient American English. Possible
Are there any words or phrases depicted here that have endured or spawned
contemporary English?
What currently used words would you replace with these colloquialisms?
Psychology: The poems and songs offer intonations about the health and
psychological well being of the cowboy. Draw some conclusions from these


Evolution of American English,
Authenticate 19th century events,
Psychological consequences of isolated lifestyle

Learning Objectives

A closer examination of the beginnings, processes, consequences, and contributions of the period in history possessed by the American Cowboy.