Learning Exercise

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence

In this assignment students will identify areas of strength and weakness in their personal learning style and their areas of personal intelligence. They will learn what these styles may mean to them as students.
Course: College Study Skills

This is a reference site on learning styles and multiple intelligences, with learning style inventories and tips and... see more


This is an assignment to help you understand yourself as a unique individual.
This is an important step in becoming a successful college student. You may not
realize this, but all the students you see around you are unique. Everyone has
their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Everyone also has their own unique
approach to learning that works best for them.

If you approach your classes by trying to fit into molds that aren't made for
you, you're probably not doing as well as you could. Also by learning what your
personal strengths are, you'll be better able to choose the right classes,
teachers and even careers. In order to start taking advantage of your unique
strengths, please go to:


1. On the home page you will see boxes for the Learning Style Test and the
Multiple Intelligence Test.

2. Click on each box and take the two tests. Submit your answers for scoring.

3. You will receive your scores that reveal your profile.

4. Then go to the boxes whic h explain what your scores mean.

5. When you have read the explanations and applied the information to yourself
please write two paragraphs; one explaining how each of these tests describes
you.Do you agree with the results of these tests? What are your strengths? How
well have you chosen your classes and other goals to match your profile? How
will this information help you in planning your next step in education?

6. Print out your test results and your response to this assignment. Keep it in
your binder now and in future semesters. You will want a constant reminder of
your strengths as you proceed through your college experience.



Students must be able to access the internet, find the site and take the tests offered.


Identifying Learning Styles
Identifying Mulltiple Intelligence
Interpreting the Results of the Tests
Learning What to do About Strengths and Weaknesses

Learning Objectives

Students will identify their personal learning styles and multiple intelligences, learn what these styles and intelligences are and learn how to approach their education according to the strengths.