Learning Exercise

Creating an Online Course Using "Create and Evaluate Your Course"

By completing this assignment you will understand the key factors to consider when creating an online course.
Course: Online Teaching Success

This site provides '8 bits of advice + 42 course evaluation methods + 39 links. see more


On her web page Joyce Morris lists seven factors to consider when creating an
online course. Each factor has one or more links associated with it that provide
additional information. The assignment is to visit Dr. Morris's page and to
follow each of the links on that page. As you visit each link, take notes on the
information that each link provides related to that factor. Then compose a
short paper that encompases comments on each of the seven factors and an
introduction and conclusion that captures your assessment of the essence of
creating a successful online learning environment.


college teaching experience
content familiarity with a discipline at the college level


teaching online

Learning Objectives

Users will understand the seven factors for effective online course development as outlined by Joyce Morris