Learning Exercise



Pictures of fresh and preserved items for animal biology, along with labeled dissections. see more


Due Date: 12-17-02
Total Points: 30

Study one phylum from the Merlot site,, and give an oral group
presentation about that phylum.

The class will be divided into seven groups:

Poriferea Cnidaria & Ctenophora Platyhelminthes
Mollusca Annelida Arthropoda Echinodermata

1. The groups will use the Merlot site,, to look at the given
Power Point for their assigned phylum.
2. Use the Power Point presentations on the site to obtain information about the
group?s specific phylum.
3. The information should include a description of the characteristics of the
organisms that are in each phylum, a list of organisms found in the phylum, the
systems found the organisms, and the taxonomy.
4. Create a group presentation outline to be submitted by e-mail to the teacher
two days prior to the group giving their presentation. The outline should
include which group member is covering what information. Each group member
should present the same amount of information.
5. Each group needs to include pictures of the organisms that are in their
assigned phylum. If the pictures are taken from the Merlot site or any other
website or other source, give credit to that source on the group?s presentation

Other Information:
Other sources may be used for background information on the phyla. Please give
credit to the sources on the outline.

This assignment will be used to introduce the phyla. The knowledge learned
from this assignment, will show how organisms are classified.

5 points
Group Outline

20 points
Content of Information

5 points
Creativity of Presentation30 points

Type of Task