Learning Exercise

DNA Detectives


Shockwave animations of PCR, Southern Blotting, Cycle Sequencing, Ac/Ds transposition and three case studies using DNA... see more


DNA Detectives
Due: 12/17/02
Points: 20

We use genetics all the time. As you now know everyone?s DNA is different.
Remember DNA is found in any tissue or fluid that comes from ones body. DNA has
been used to solve many cases that are in the courts today. This web
assignment will help you to learn about a few cases that DNA was used to solve.

Study one of the cases that DNA has solved. Write a short summary about the
case. Make sure to include a brief description of the case, the type of fluid
the DNA was acquired from, and the type of analysis used on the DNA.

1) Go to the website: http://www.dnalc.org/resources/BiologyAnimationLibrary.htm
2) Find DNA Detective
3) Click on Play behind DNA Detective (If you do not have shockwave the
computer will download a version so that you can see the presentation.)
4) Pick one of the three cases that are there to choose from
5) Go through the presentation at your own speed and take notes
6) Write your summary on the case that you picked. Be sure to include all the
parts that were mentioned above. The summary must be at least half a page.

The idea of DNA use in cases is more prevalent today. The knowledge that you
have gained with this assignment will enable you to understand how genetics is
important for everyone to know. All three different cases will be summed up by
the teacher so the students get to hear a little about each case.

15 Content
5 Brief description of case
5 Type of fluid DNA acquired from
5 Type of analysis used on DNA
5 Spelling & Grammar

20 Total Points