Learning Exercise

Theodore Roosevelt: Lion in the White House

A biographical introduction to President Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Movement, the Construction of the Panama Canal, and President Roosevelt as the subject of political cartooning.
Course: United States History Survey

A brief but detailed biographical account of the life of Theodore Roosevelt, including links to related articles, a... see more


Click on a Brief Biography of TR. The last questions will require the user to go to the website on Merlot "The Life of Theodore Roosevelt." Both sites are by the same author. Answer the following questions:

1. Why is TR so well remembered?
2. What was TR really like as a person?
3. Who were TR's parents? What was the social status of the Roosevelts'?
4. What activities interested TR as a young man?
5. Where did TR attend college?
6. How many times did he marry and to whom?
7. List TR's political activities prior to becoming President.
8. Describe TR's role in the Spanish-American War?
9. How did TR become President?
10. Why was TR so different from the presidents of the 19th century?
11. Why did TR win the Nobel Peace Prize?
12. Who was "Princess Alice?"
13. List TR's accomplishments as President.
14. How did the Teddy Bear get its name?
15. Who replaced TR as president and why?
16. What did TR do after leaving the presidency?
17. Why did he run again in 1912?
18. What roles did TR's sons play in World War I?
19. When did TR die and what were the circumstances of his death?

Go back to the home page. Click on TR and the Progressive Movement. Answer the following questions.

1. What groups were labeled progressive?
2. What was the progressive agenda?
3. Did TR's presidency help or hinder the progressive movement?
4. List the government actions during TR's presidency, which can be called progressive.
5. Was the progressive movement successful? Explain.

Go back to the home page. Click on TR and the Panama Canal. Answer the following questions.

1. Why was the United States interested in building a canal in Panama?
2. How did the United States acquire the land in Panama? Was this morally correct?
3. How did Columbia respond to the building of the canal?
4. What was the cost in building the canal? Consider all aspects, not just money.
5. How did the canal benefit the United States?

Go back to the home page. Click on Annotated TR Political Cartoons. Answer the following questions.

1. Why was TR the subject of political cartoons?
2. What do the cartoons tell us about TR and his presidency? Be as specific as possible.
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United States History, 20th century.

Learning Objectives

1. To acquaint students with more biographical data about Theodore Roosevelt before he became President. 2. To acquaint students with President Roosevelt's role in the construction of the Panama Canal. 3. To compare and contrast President Theodore Roosevelt's program with the Progressive Era agenda. 4. To evaluate the impact of political cartooning on the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.