Learning Exercise

Systems of the Human Body

Used to indentify and understand the different systems of the human body.
Course: Biology

Detailed descriptions of human systems and human physiology including system models for identification and labeling. Web... see more


The Systems of the Human Body

This assignment is designed to get you to understand the different systems in the human body. In this assignment you will be put into groups and assigned a system of the body. You will have to discuss how the system works and what organs are involved in the working of the system. You and your group will then give a 20 minute presentation of this information to the class. You will be assessed by the peers in your class.

Systems to be studied


Where to get your information for this assignment:

You must use this website to get most of your information for your presentation.

The use of this website will allow you to quiz yourselves over the material before you present it to the rest of the class. Also, you may use the quizzes on this webpage to assess how well the students understand the information at the end of your lecture. During your lecture, you may have the website on the projector and use the diagrams for your explanation of how the different systems work and how the organisms in those systems are used.

You may use me or your textbook to for questions on the assignment.

Before you give your presentation, you and your group members must be able to take the quizzes that I select from the site and explain how they work before you will be allowed to present. You must have this completed the day before you give your presentation. If quizzes and explanations are not done correctly, your group will be docked 5 points per failed attempt.

What you need to turn in the day of your groups presentation:

You will have to have an outline of how you will give the 20 minute presentation as well as a handout for the students in the class to fill out while you are giving your presentation. I need a printed copy of any materials used as well as a bibliography of the works you used.

Grading Breakdown

Presentation and group involvement 50 points

Handout for students' 20 points

Use of material from website 15 points

Bibliography 5 points

Printed copy of materials 5 points

Assessment of a least one other group 5 points

A Final quiz worth 50 points will be done at the end of all the presentations. A good way to study for this is to use the website and also use the Body Regions section of the website and go to the Organ System part and take the quizzes provided their.