Learning Exercise

Quick Trip Down the Reason Roadway

A refresher in formal and informal logic, the Quick Trip comes just before a given logic exam. The idea is for the student, working as an individual, to complete a bank of assigned "tests" as homework. Some of the questions (with the permission of the author) will appear on the exam.
Course: Introduction to Logic; Logic and Critical Thinking

This site is intended to help students in college level critical thinking classes learn some of the basic concepts of... see more


This is a homework assignment.

Read the instructors for accessing the Tutorial. Connect to the internet, type
in the appropriate URL, and then go through test banks ___ and ___. Try to
finish in about a half hour. Special incentive: four of the questions in the
test banks will appear on the exam.


Technical Notes

No special programs are needed. If the student has a modem connection to the Internet the assignment can be completed.


Familiarity with logical concepts and informal fallacies.


Formal logic
Informal logic

Learning Objectives

Students will reinforce their understanding of logical concepts and informal logic as they complete the various test banks; they will also find the test banks a study guide since some of the questions will appear also on an exam