Learning Exercise

Operating Systems Resource Search

Through the use of the "How Operating Systems Work" website, students will select one aspect of operating systems, electronic search for several pertinent resources, and write a paper on the experience.
Course: Computer Literacy, Operating Systems, Networking

A good tutorial on how operating systems work to control a computer system. see more


I do not feel that there is enough writing in undergraduate computer science
courses (for that matter in all math/science/engineering courses).

Students will need to read the content of the "How Operating Systems Work"
website. After students read the website, there should be some discussion with
the class regarding operating systems.

Students will select a topic from operating systems, such as memory, cpu
management, application program interface, etc. Students will then conduct
"research" on this subtopic by utilizing Internet and library resources.
Students should have at least three sources that relate to the subtopic
selected. Once the research is complete, students will need to write a paper on
their subtopic in relation to the sources they have collected.

Encourage students not to "plagiarize" the material they have researched. It is
important in the writing process to practice synthesizing information and
siting sources. It is much easier, with current technology, to "copy and paste"
as well as "buy" the research paper online.

It will be up to the instructor to determine the length of the paper. This is
dependent on the context of the course and the writing/reading level of the
students. Also select a pertinent style to format references.


Internet Searching,
Library Research,
Reading/Writing Level pertinent to course.


Various Operating Systems Concepts

Learning Objectives

1) Demonstrate research skills;
2) Demonstrate writing skills;
3) Demonstrate conceptualization of subtopic in operating systems;
4) Critical Thinking (Synthesis of Material)