Learning Exercise

Good Morning Talia

The assignment is designed to help students learn the neurological processes involved in commonly performed behaviors.

The entry point to an extensive site concerning the nervous system and neuroscience. The site includes descriptive... see more


Good Morning Talia!


This worksheet looks at the role the nervous system plays in our everyday
movements and actions. We will follow Talia in the morning and as she prepares
for her day. The assignment is design to help students identify the neurological
processes that take place to make this possible.

Step 1 ? Talia sleeps very soundly and it looks like nothing is going on.
However, there are changes going on. Describe what the changes are, the forms of
sleep and how scientists measure the changes that occur during sleep.

Step 2 ? She wakes up by voluntarily stretching her muscles and opening her
eyes. What function does the cerebellum play in these physical actions?

Step 3 ? As she walks to the bathroom, she stubs her big toe on a pile of books.
What happens next and what part of the nervous system is responsible?

Step 4 ? It is time for breakfast. Her room mate is making coffee. The aroma
fills the apartment and she quickly gets dressed. Explain what chemical sense
was activated and what neurological process(es) are taking place.

Step 5 ? Talia is studying for a quiz in her afternoon class. This is new
material for her and she has written down all the facts and is trying to
memorize them. Describe the brain ar eas involved and the changes that are
thought to occur. ( Hint: synapse)

Step 6 ? We have learned about the some brain areas and neurological processes
involved in common activities. Prepare a question about a commonly performed
behavior and include the answer identifying the area of the nervous system that
is activated and allows it to take place.


Reading skills needed to understand the text in the web site.


Sleep, voluntary and involuntary motor movement, and brain plasticity

Learning Objectives

Read the web material and complete the questions.