Learning Exercise

The Importance of Considerate Communication Practices in an Online Learning Environment

With more students taking advantage of distance education offerings, it is imperative that both experienced and inexperienced online students cultivate respectful, courteous online communication practices.
Course: Online Peer Tutor Training

This interactive quiz is designed to test your knowledge of "Netiquette" or network ettiquette. Netiquette covers common... see more


This assignment will encourage students to consider more carefully their online
communication practices. It is important that students are instilled with a
sense of community and an understanding of the importance of creating a
supportive, friendly, and respectful online learning environment.

Technical Notes

On or off-campus access to the Internet and the use of a browser is necessary.


Some knowledge of the Blackboard course management system would be helpful.


Online Communication Practices

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to demonstrate courteous online communication as evidenced by their e-mails and discussion board postings.