Learning Exercise

Internet Misconceptions

TILT provides a very short, but very flashy review of four misconceptions about the Internet. The following link should allow the user to quickly jump to that section without having to complete the entire tutorial. Good for information literacy section.
Course: University Seminar

Interactive tutorial which will prepare the user to effectively research library resources and the Internet. see more


The student will individually review the four common misconceptions about the internet. This will be followed by a small group discussion. Students will then be asked to add any additional misconceptions that they've heard which are not covered in the TILT portion of the presentation. Jotting down these additional misconceptions may help to get students thinking (and hopefully questioning) what other misunderstandings about the Internet might exist. This could be a good opening for discussion of more traditional library databases, the Invisible Web, etc.
(Note: the student does not need to complete the entire tutorial, simply the portion with the 4 misconception bubbles.)


Internet content

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Better understand what information is or is not contained on the internet