Learning Exercise

Exploring the Nervous System

A lesson that focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System and includes sympathetic and parasympathetic processes of the body.
Course: Biology

The entry point to an extensive site concerning the nervous system and neuroscience. The site includes descriptive... see more



Go to http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/neurok.html

Click on "Explore the Nervous System"
Click on "The Peripheral Nervous System" at the top of the page
Click on "The Autonomic Nervous System"

Answer the following questions:

1. What does ANS stand for?

2. How does ANS cause us to respond in emergencies? In non-emergencies?

3. What 3 parts is the ANS divided into?

Read about the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

1. What region of the spinal cord are the cell bodies of the sympathetic
nervous system located? The parasympethetic?

Submit answers to these questions via email

Main Assignment:

1. Choose 5 organs and diagram their responses to sympathetic and
parasympathetic stimulation.

2. Over the next 3 days, create a PowerPoint telling a story in which the main
character encounters a situation where he/she must use the sympathetic or
parasympathetic nervous system. Mention the responses of the 5 organs you chose
and, if you can, use the Internet to find pictures of the 5 organs and bring
them into your PowerPoint at the pages where you talk about them. Be creative!
Submit your PowerPoint.

Extra Credit Option:

At the bottom of the ANS web page, click on "Interactive Word Search Puzzle on
the Autonomic Nervous System"

Complete the puzzle
Print the puzzle
Return the completed puzzle to me along with the PowerPoint


Some computer knowledge, reading skills appropriate for the website, experience with PowerPoint a plus.


Autonomic Nervous System, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems

Learning Objectives

The goal of this lesson is to use interactive processes to discover more about the human nervous system and the effect that it has on our everyday lives. The lesson focuses on the autonomic nervous system and how our organs individually react to both sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions.