Learning Exercise

Animal Classification systems

Students will learn the Linnean Classification system. They will then apply what they have learned by classifying a group of 7 organisms with their own classification system. Each group of students will then make a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class.
Course: High School or Middle School Biology

Short tutorials on on the Linnean classification system, using primarily vertebrate examples. Each tutorial includes... see more


Animal Classification Systems Assignment

1.Have students go to http://anthro.palomar.edu/animal/default.htm and read
through the material on the Linnean Classification System and take the quizzes.

2.Students will then be broken into groups of 2 or 3. They will then be given a
group of 7 organisms that they will need to classify. Students will create their
own hierarchical classification system. They may use any source on the internet
to find the information that they need.

3.The student groups will then make a PowerPoint presentation on their animal.
They will present to the class how they designed their classification scheme and
why. All presentations must have a picture of each organism, an animation, and
bibliography page. Groups must have at least 2 sources.

4.Each group will be assessed on the creativity of their PowerPoint and
Classification system. Each group will also be evaluated by the instructor and
the class.


No real prerequisite skills are needed.



Learning Objectives

1) Understand the Linnean Classification system.
2) Represent what they know by creating their own classification system.
3) Incorporate the use of technology into the classroom.