Learning Exercise

Virtual Cardiology Lab

Students will use this site to review concepts and to integrate knowledge into real world aspects
Course: Anatomy/Physiology

In this simulation you examine three patients with heart trouble using various diagnostic devices plus interviews with... see more


Visit the following site?.
*NOTE: Make sure that you have shockwave downloaded on your computer.
As students you will be substituting as doctors today. First, students should
familiarize themselves with the site by exploring the tabs at the top of the
page and scanning the activities. Enter the Virtual Cardiology Lab by clicking
on the simulation on the left side of the screen. Follow the instructions to
complete the simulation. You need to complete two simulations. The third
simulation will be extra credit. As a doctor in this simulation you will be
visiting a patient. You will use a stethoscope, echocardiography, MRI, and a
pedigree exam to come up with a diagnosis. While examining your patient, write
down some observations and what you think might be wrong with the patient. Take
the quizzes provided and record your answer and record why you choose that
particular answer. This can be recorded in the patient notebook. The website
provides you with additional reading material to answer the quiz questions and
make a proper diagnosis. After you have thoroughly examined the patient using
the above methods, compile your notes and use the scientific method to come up
with a diagnosis. In your paper I expect to see headings for each step of the
scientific method. In your conclusion you should include your diagnosis (this
can be copy and pasted from the web site). Your quiz answers and reasoning
should be included in this paper also (this can also be copy and pasted form the
patient notebook). (The quiz answers should assist you in your diagnosis.)
You can submit your diagnosis electronically via email. Good luck with your

Technical Notes

Students can work in pairs or individually depending on the computers available durring this class period. The majority of the work will be accomplished in class, so students can take advantage of the technology offered at the school.


Students should have knowledge in pedegrees, circulatory system, and respiratory system.


Circulatory and Respirtory system reveiw. Some genetic topics, such as inheritance and pedigrees, will be used also.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to utilize tools and techniques used to diagnose patients. They will gain knowledge of aliments pertaining to the heart, and symptoms to look for. Students will also be able to apply the scientific method to the situation.