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Jamestown Rediscovery

This site focuses on the arachaeological work at the Colonial Jamestown settlement as Virginia prepares for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown.
Course: United States History Survey

Jamestown Rediscovery is a site designed for the upcoming 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown (1607-2007).... see more


Go on line and answer the following questions:

1. Briefly describe the information unearthed at Jamestown since 1994.
2. How do we know that the remains of the fort and the artifacts found are genuine to the 1607 Jamestown settlement?
3. List the identities of the contemporary writers who described the fort at Jamestown.
4. How did each one in number three describe the fort? Are these descriptions compatible with the archaelogical discoveries?
5. Based on the information provided in the segment Fort Excavation Area, describe the Jamestown fort and the buildings contained within it.
6. Based on the information for the Dale House Exhibit, describe the armor found at the dig site and explain why the armor was originally thrown away?
7. Using coins, ceramics, tobacco pipes, and cloth seals, explain how archaeologists dated the Jamestown site.
8. List the items traded between the Jamestown settlers, the Virginia Indians, and Indians further north.
9. Describe the diet of Virginia's Jamestown settlers. What did they have to eat to survive?
10. Using only the list of original settlers, describe their occupations. Explain what being a gentleman meant.
11. An important array of artifacts has been unearthed at the Jamestown site. Define the term artifact.
12. What do pottery shards tell us about life in colonial Jamestown?
13. Descr ibe the work done by the Jamestown settlers to financially survive. What tools did they use?
14.How did the settlers spend their leisure time?
15. What personal items were found at the Jamestown dig?
16. What do the unearthed coins tell us about the settlers of Jamestown?
17. How were the home at colonial Jamestown furnished?
18. What objects have been unearthed that identifies some of the Jamestown settlers as members of the upper class?
19. What do the artifacts of armor tell us about some of the Jamestown dwellers?
20. Who is JR102C? What do we know about this person?
21. What caused the deaths of Jamestown's settlers?
22. How long did Jamestown survive as a settlement?
23. What role did Captain John Smith play in the history of Jamestown? Of Pocahontas?
24. What structures survive from colonial Jamestown?
25. Expalin how archaeology has broadened our knowledge about the history of the Jamestown colony.


Colonial United States History

Learning Objectives

To teach students the relationship of archaeology to history.
To provide students with the most current information on the history of the first permanent English settlement in Virginia.