Learning Exercise

Interpreting Transformations of Functions

This assignment was created by Nicole McGlashan of Huron High School, Huron, South Dakota. It describes a self-directed activity for students to practice finding the transformations of functions by comparing the function to the graph of the intial function. There is a link to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics and Larry Green's interactive website that the students participate in.
Course: Algebra II , Advanced Algebra , Pre-Calculus , Trigonometry

This applet requires the user to obtain the standard and general form of a parabola from its graph. see more



To successfully complete this lesson, the students should be familiar with: Algebraic manipulation of equations; Solving radical equations; Solving rational equations; Solving absolute value equations.

Graphs of polynomials, radical, rational, and absolute functions


Transformations of functions and the related transformation of function graphs.

Learning Objectives

After having completed this lesson the student should be able to determine the initial graph of a function and be able to determine the transformations of its graph that result from transformations of the function.