Learning Exercise

Finding Precedent: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

The site depends exclusively on Harper's Weekly for the material relating to the impeachment and trial of President Andrew Johnson. Site materials include editorials, articles, political cartoons, and biographical essays on the major impeachment figures. Rules of Impeachment and the eleven Articles of Impeachment are provided. A teacher created Impeachment Simulation Game is available for classroom use.
Course: United States History

This site provides material from Harper's Weekly relating to the 1868 impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The site includes... see more


"The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson was justified." Take either a pro- or con- side to this statement. Using exclusively the resources of Harper's Weekly, write a 10-12 page paper justifiying the position taken. Include a bibliography of resources used.


Constitutional Law; Andrew Johnson Presidency; American Politics.

Learning Objectives

To teach the research paper using primary sources.
To identify the circumstances surrounding the impeachment charges.
To identify pro and con arguments for the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.
To evaluate the impact of the impeachment failure.
To teach the use of primary source materials.