Learning Exercise

Creating Your Own Membrane from "Construction of the Cell Membrane"

This assignment is an interactive lesson concerning the cell membrane and some of it's components. The students will work on the computer to better understand the cell membrane and then be asked to construct their own model.
Course: Introduction to Biology

"The student will study the structure of the cell membrane by constructing it using the correct molecules." Learning... see more


The students will go to the website and complete the tutorial about the cell
membrane. They may complete the tutorial as many times as they like or that
they feel comfortable with to understand the material. During class, the
students will break up into teams and construct their own models of cell
membranes. They may use any materials in the classroom or bring in their own if
they like. Each model must have the phospholipids, ion channels, water pore
channels, fibrous protiens and glycoproteins and a brief description of each.


Cell membrane is covered with illustrating the phospholipids, ion channels, pore channels, glycoproteins and fibrous proteins.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to construct their own membrane model and explain the differences between the different components that make up a membrane.