Learning Exercise

Construction of the Cell Membrane Worksheet

This is a worksheet that goes along with the site. It will be a hardcopy of some of the information obtained from the site by the students.
Course: Biology

"The student will study the structure of the cell membrane by constructing it using the correct molecules." Learning... see more


Construction of the Cell Membrane Worksheet

Directions: Use the website Construction of the Cell Membrane
(http://www.wisc-online.com/lrnobj/ap1/AP1101/framz.html) to answer the
following questions.

1. What is the cell membrane mainly composed of?

2. Cell membranes consist of a double layer of what?

3. Name the types of molecules in the cell membrane and the three examples of
globular-shaped proteins.

4. What does the cell membrane allow through?

5. What do hydrophilic and hydrophobic mean and what parts of the phospolipid
bilayer is which?

6. Do fibrous proteins span the entire membrane?

7. How do water molecules pass through the membrane?

8. What do channel proteins let through?

9. Do glycoproteins span the entire membrane?

10. What do animal membranes have that plant membranes do not?

Identify and build your own cell membrane using the website.