Learning Exercise

Earth in the Solar system

An exploration of various planets' location in our solar system

This is one of my favorite sites. This is one of Bill Arnett’s creations.It is easy to follow and very informative. It... see more


1) Students should be provided access to computers and given url for the Nine
Planets site created by Bill Arnett.

2) Instruct students to select a planet of their own choosing to focus on for
presentations, or use a random distribution to ensure all are included.

3) Give guidelines and rubric regarding desired elements of presentations.
Examples: Size (diameter, volume), Size compared to Earth, Total Mass, Mass
compared to Earth, Composition (Rocky or Gaseous), Density, Position compared to
neighbors, Distance from sun
(average), etc.

4) Give example mnemonic for remembering order of Planets: My Very Excellent
Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.

5) Instruct students to create mnemonic of the own for order of planets and
include in presentations.

6) Do presentations of posters, powerpoints etc. on the following day or days.

7) Perhaps conclude with a written quiz to unify all pertinent information, so
students know they will be responsible for content of other students'
presentations (which helps to keep them focused).



Basic internet skills


Astronomy, Earth Science

Learning Objectives

Know earth's position in relation to other planets of the Solar system.
Know all the planets of the Solar system, and their order.
Be able to categorize the planets into appropriate groups.