Learning Exercise

Earthquake Information/Simulation

Students will use powerpoint notes to first gain knowledge about earthquakes and then use the "Make A Quake" simulation to apply what they have learned.
Course: Geology

Make a Quake is an interactive computer program designed to explain what kind of damage occurs during an earthquake to... see more


This assignment consists of 2 parts:
1) Have students view the powerpoint and answer the questions on the notes
2) Have students visit the "Make a Quake" website and have them construct
different building structures on different ground types. Make sure they read
the evaluations at the end of each simulation and have them compare and contrast
what happens to their building during the same magnitude of earthquake

Technical Notes

Can print out notes page for students to complete using powerpoint presentation or have them answer on sheet of paper.


Some knowledge of plate tectonics. Need to know how to use the internet.


Earthquakes, focus, epicenter, primary and secondary waves, Richter Scale.

Learning Objectives

Understand what causes earthquakes and the types of things that are studied during an event. Understand how scientists measure earthquakes and how building structures survive or are damaged during an earthquake.