Learning Exercise

Biological Animations

Major biological concepts are animated with narrated and step tutorials followed by quizzes.

Key biological concepts animated as narrated and stepped tutorials, along with quizzes. see more


Depending on teacher / student needs. These are great visuals to introduce and
reinforce topics in the classroom. Students may also be directed to the site to
be used as a tutorial to reinforce topics presented. The quizzes at the end
can be submitted by students in paper form to show completion of the activity.


Mitosis, meiosis, ovarian - uterine cycles, reflex arcs, embryonic stem cells, moss life cycle, lac operons, evolution of cellular organelles, allele assortment, photosynthesis, Meselsen-Stahl experiment, HIV life cycle, DNA library, protein structure and heat, gel electrophoresis, DNA chip technology, invitro fertilization, independent assortment, pregnancy testing, fixed behaviors, Pulse-Chase experiment, vessicle budding and fusing, time compensated solar compass, electron transport.

Learning Objectives

Introductory to review activities to help students visualize the concepts and interelationships between molecules, tissues, and surrounding environments.