Learning Exercise

Struggle leads to change (adding understanding)

After using the "Evoltuion Lab" site, have students get into comfortable groups where they are all able to access a computer and view together. Make sure you have a print out of the assignment, so they are able to conduct the labs without having to back and forth to save time. Have the students follow the assessment to gain a further understanding on how to compare and contrast selection strength and mutation in the movement of phenotypes.
Course: Biology/ (AP)

A Step by step tutorial of Darwinian principles of Natural Selection that link the direct relation to Evolution. This... see more


see (http://biologyinmotion.com/evol/index.html) for assignment.


1) Concrete definition of selection strength and mutation
2) Understanding of Natural Selection and its 5 tenets, especially struggle for existance
3) Understanding of gene pool and variation


Expansion of terms to aid the students in manipulating the experimental numbers with greater understanding of how they are influencing the graph.

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1) Understanding of genotype and phenotype, and how phenotype rather then genotype is effected by natural selection.
2) New mutations are contantly generated in a gene pool
3) Variation within a species increases the likelihood that at least some members of a species will adapt (survived under varied enviromental conditions)
4) A great diversity in phenotype increases the chance at least some organisms will adapt