Learning Exercise

Pioneers in Astronomy

Students use internet to research the contibutions in astronomy.
Course: Earth Science

Complete web-based intro course in astronomy see more


Assignment Directions:

Part I. Making a scroll
1. Student materials:
1.Three blank pieces of paper
2. A 4cm dowel piece
3. Sissors
4. Ruler
5. Scotch tape
6. Journal or notebook paper
7. Rubberband
2. Student cut the 3 blank pages into horizontal strips 2.5cm wide.
3. Strips are taped consecutively together on the same side!
4. Strip then taped scecurly to dowel, and rolled on to itself.
5. Set aside.

Part II. Astronomical Contributions
1. Students are given the names and years of a few sample pioneers and their
contributions to begin their research.
2. Following example, students are to use the web sites provided, to research
other astronomers.
3. Student takes notes on other astronomers from the web sites.
4. The gathered information is then summerized and added to scroll.
5. Student should be encouraged to be creative and to add as much as possible.

Technical Notes

Internet used required with web sites provided.


Students should understand how new information is gathered and gained from past scientists observations and investigations.


Discoveries in astronomy

Learning Objectives

1. Students will practice research skills.
2. Students will learn about individual contributions to astronomy.
3. Students will produce their own chronological record.