Learning Exercise

Where Do Bones Go?

This simulation allows your students to view a complete skeleton then crumble it down and try to reassemble it back together.

'Students learn about the strength of bones and methods of helping to mend fractured bones. During a class... see more


1. Allow students time to go to the site and read
through the directions. They can view the
skeleton on the first page then proceed to the
next page.

2. On the second page they need to put the
skeleton together. It might take some students
two or three tries but they will eventually put it
together the correct way.

3. When they are finished assembling the skeleton
and they get it correct give them a copy of a
blank skeleton and have them label the bones
correctly using the proper medical term.

4. There is a website link under the Additional Info
(URL) with a blank skeleton you can print out.


Minimal knowledge of the human skeletal system.

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1. Students will be able to name the bones in a
human skeletal system.
2. Students will learn where bones are are placed
in the human skeletal system.