Learning Exercise

Introduction to the Planets and Solar System

Students will research and present their findings about different planets and objects in our solar system.
Course: Earth Science

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Students will be placed in a group of four (4).
Each group will choose a topic to research: a planet, comets, asteroids, Sun, or

Task of each group memeber:
A) Geologist:
1. Describe and explain the geologic features found.
2. Describe and explain the atmospheric conditions.
3. Can life be supported? Why or why not?
B) Astronomer:
1. Location of the object in the Solar System.
2. Describe the rate of revolution; rate of rotation; surface temperature;
orbital shape; number of satellites; mass; composition.
3. Explain the significance of your discovery.
C) Statistical Analyst:
1. Create data tables and/or graphs of the information you obtain.
2. Explain your results to your politician.
3. What additional information should you consider?
D) Politician:
1. Should you fund additional research? Explain, why or why not?
2. Discuss the funding of this project.


Search the World Wide Web.


Astronomy: Planets and Solar System

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

California Earth Science Standards:
Earth's Place in the Universe (1a)
Investigation and Experimentation (1m)