Learning Exercise

Mystery of Gravity

Lots of physics questions answered in clever ways at various educational levels.
Course: 8th Grade Physical Science

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This is a great resource page for the fourth quarter research paper. Also helps answer many questions students may have, due to the nature of the site.

Technical Notes

Be sure to check the appropriate level for best understanding (beginning, intermediate and advanced) so one isn't bored nor overwhelmed.


basic reading(ELD III or higher) and computer usage skills, all the way up to math and synthesizing ability, depending on depth of explanation.


CA Science Standards 2 (d, f, g )- Forces
(Identify two or more forces, change in motion needs & role of gravity in forming and maintaining celestial objects)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to answer questions about basic physics and how it applies to both daily life and space exploration.
(vocabulary words will be forces, motion, gravity, inertia, momentum, space)