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Operation Overload, the invasion of Normandy by the Allies, led to the ultimate collapse of Nazi/Fascist Europe.

Inspired by the author's visit to Normandy, this essay summarizes the strategic importance and challenges of Operation... see more


This assignment will also need some online or textbook research to complete. In addition to the D-Day: Penetrating the Atlantic Wall website, list all online or print resources used.
Instructions: Answer the following questions.

1. Why did Hitler make a mistake in invading the Soviet Union?
2. Why was Hitler intent on preventing a Normandy invasion?
3. What was the Allied strategy behind the D-Day invasion?
4. How did Hitler prepare to prevent a Normandy invasion?
5. How did the Allies prepare to launch a Normandy invasion?
6. What to the photographs reveal about the invasion and its consequences?
7. What was Operation Fortitude?
8. Why was Eisenhower selected to oversee the Normandy invasion?
9. Who were the principal military leaders for Great Britain in the Normandy invasion planning?
10. Who were the principal military leaders for Nazi Germany attempting to prevent the invasion?
11. List the battlefield casualities for both sides in the Normandy invasion.
12. What nations in addiiton to the United States and Great Britain contributed troops to the Normandy invasion?
13. How did the Normandy invasion change the events of World War II?
14. How did the Normandy invasion change European and World history?
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World War II
Nazi Germany
United States
Great Britain

Learning Objectives

To provide students with a basic understanding of the strategies for the Allies and the Nazis regarding the importance of Normandy and France.
To provide students with the significance of the D-Day invasion to World History.
To provide students with a visual record of the Normandy invasion.