Learning Exercise

Weekly Blog Entry

This has been the most successful online writing activity I have participated in. I assign an independent short story for the students to complete by the end of the week. Then on Fridays we move to the computer lab and type a blog entry about the story, encouraging others to read and share in the experience. Then they comment on each other’s entries. This activity generates a buzz about reading and writing that I have rarely experienced in the classroom. Students are riveted. I have never heard “How many words does this have to be?”
Course: English III

This is a simple to use blog site that is great for student based journaling & blogging and can be easily regulated by... see more


Students summarize a short story, then comment on the story. Students usually
type 200+ words for this activity.

Technical Notes

Students must have Internet access and a valid e-mail in order for them to log on.


Some basic computer skills are necessary to fill out the online forms


Short Story Literature

Learning Objectives

Students will evaluate and discuss literature while using their writing skills to communicate their thoughts to others in the writing community.