Learning Exercise

Workplace Ethics Group Activity: Making Informed Ethical Decisions

This is a group activity that reflects on possible true life scenarios in a business environment using steps to make an ethical decision in regards to the situations.

Expected outcomes is for students to identify an ethical issue and determine what the factors of the situation are. Explain the effects of unethical decisions and how they relate to interpersonal relationships in the work environment. The guidelines used for making an ethical decision requests alternatives to the situation and for the students to determine a course of action in regards to the scenario.
Course: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Five short situational cases are provided here. Each involves an ethical decision in the workplace. Steps for making... see more


This is primarily a stand alone assignment in which students are divided into
groups and assigned a scenario. Students are instructed to follow steps in
making ethical decisions. The groups should be able to devise an alternative
and be prepared to discuss their reasoning for selecting the alternative they
decided on. The other groups should challenge their fellow students decisions
and provide appropriate feedback to the group.


Technical Notes

Nothing technical required if printed from the site and made into handouts for students.


Have prior knowledge of ethics topics.


The topics covered by this assignment for the course were (1) examining influences of interpersonal relationships on ethical decision making, (2) examine organizational pressures that influence ethical decision making, (3) the role of opportunity in influencing ethical decision making, and (4) levels of conflict within organizations to help understand ways of improving ethical decision making.