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The Lizzie Borden Murder Case Study

This interactive site deals with a sensational 19th century ax murder by Lizzie Borden of her parents, Andrew Jackson and Abby Durfee Borden at the family home in Fall River, MA in August 1892. The site contains a wealth of primary source materials.
Course: United States History

This interactive site uses the sensational 19th century ax murderer Lizzie Borden as a focus to teach students how to... see more


One of the most famous murder trials in late 19th century America was the case of Lizzie Borden who was suspected of brutally murdering her parents. Lizzie Borden was eventually acquitted. Instructions: Write a paper of 8-10 pages answering the following questions: 1)What happened at the Borden home in August 1892?, 2)On what evidence was Lizzie Borden arrested?, 3)Select five pieces of evidence to EITHER justify Lizzie Borden's guilt or innocence, and 4) Was Lizzie Borden's acquittal the proper judicial result to end this case? When you present your FIVE pieces of evidence to either convict or acquit, explain in detail why each one is relevant.


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United States History
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Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the use of primary sources.
To acquaint students with the lifestyle of upper middle-class Americans in 19th century United States.
To acquaint students with the position of women in 19th century American History.
To acquaint students with the tools to evaluate, debate, and interpret American History.