Learning Exercise

Lunar Impact Crater

After investigating the various types of known lunar craters, students will have the opportunity to make their own craters, using different sized (diameter and mass) objects, comparing the types they create with those previously recorded from the Moon.
Course: 8th Grade Physical Science

Description and diagram of various types of craters on the lunar surface with links to specifically named craters. see more


Technical Notes

Make sure you have permission to make mud (and noise outside!), a method to clean up and keep track of spherical objects (marbles, bb's, flat basketball or volleyball or soccer ball), a camera is helpful unless you are having the students sketch their craters and cooperation of rules (cannot throw objects at each other or windows, only drop!)


Language Arts (ELD III level or higher ) Reading, conventions of writing.


Earth in Space
California Science Standard 4

Learning Objectives

Students will create their own craters, in mud that has been layered with flour and paprika (to show striations in the ejecta), to help draw conclusions on the speed and size of the objuects which could have created impact craters on the moon.