Learning Exercise

Color of Stars

Question and answer page about stars, star clusters and their ages based on the color they appear.
Course: 8th Grade Physical Science

Lots of information about stars and star clusters with frequently asked questions answered through Hubble information. see more


1. Discuss H-R chart with various colors/ages of stars.
2. Give the students a star per lab table (Sol -our sun, Betlegeuse, Alpha
Proxima, Antares, Rigel, Polaris, Sirius &
3. Decide what age the star is, based by color, and then present to class.
4. Does size have anything to do with color and age? Why?
(looking at standard 9c - interpret data & generate explanations based on
Second URL is good reference page for fourth quarter research paper.


Reading skills (ELD III or higher) & basic computer skills


CA Science Standard 4 (b)
Earth in the Solar Systerm
(stars differ in size, temperature & color)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to classify age of stars by the color assigned (or visible).