Learning Exercise

What is a light year?

Great conversion chart for students to understand the distances expressed in lightyears by converting that to kilometers and miles.
Course: 8th Grade Physical Science

Great conversion chart for miles to kilometers to light years. see more


1. Students as groups at their tables will look at a map of Fresno and
determine distances between school and several known locations. What is the
best unit of measure (feet, miles, kilometers)?
2. Next, determine the distance between Fresno and places in the state.
3. Now, determine the distance between Fresno and places in the country.
4. List findings on board.
5. The determination of distance next jumps off the planet and must be measured
betweena the Earth and the Moon, other planets and nearest star. Convert from
kilometers to light years.

Technical Notes

Review math conversions, discuss scientific notation, provide calculators.


Reading (ELD III or higher), mathematics (conversions), basic compter facility, ability to chart data


CA Science Standard 4 (c) & 9 (d)
Earth in the Solar Systerm
(measuring distances) & (use math to organize)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to figure distances between celestial objects in known units of measure (very large numbers) to facilitate the use of the term light year.