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The Medicis and the Renaissance

The creative time known as the Renaissance flourished in Florence under the leadership of the Medicis. This site examines the artistic, cultural, and political contributions of the Medici to Florence, Italy, and Europe.
Course: Western Civilization

A look at the Renaissance from the perspective of the Florentine princely house of the de Medicis based on a PBS... see more


Instructions: Write a paper of 8-10 pages using the information on this website. Select a paper topic from one of the following: 1)Name the artists, describe their artistic contributions and explain how they flourished under the patronage of the Medicis; 2) Describe in detail how the Medici influenced and shaped the Renaissance; 3) Did the political and religious controversy surrounding the Medicis harm or help add to Florence's greatness?
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Western Civilization

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the great art and architecture of the Florentine Renaissance.
To acquaint students with the contributions of the Medici to Florence, to the Renaissance, and to Europe.