Learning Exercise

Interactive Periodic Table

Great visual depiction of all the elements with thumbnail encyclopedic info (name, date and place of discovery).

Really outstanding pictures and thumbnail encyclopedic information (ie. date discovered, where, by whom). see more


1. Student will read chapter x in text book.
2. Now, choose 10 elements, randomly, from the cards with the Atomic Symbol.
3. Using the information on the website, make decisions on "odd" elements to
fit in the proscribed categories (use the colors from the periodic table on the
front board).

Technical Notes

It will be possible to use this information with the SMART board technology. Grouping could be done with manipulation on that piece of equipment.


Basic computer skills.


CA Science Standard 7 (c)
Periodic Table
(substances can be classified by their properties)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to classify various substances by their properties (density, melting temp., conductivity)