Learning Exercise

Writing Descriptions of Assigned Jobs

At the start of the graduate level Human Resource Management degree graduate
class on Compensation and Benefits, students are assigned to "Compensation
Review Teams". The first task of the team is for individual team members to
write job discriptions on four assigned jobs that will be the focus of group
work for the rest of the class. Students are provided this site's web address
and instructed to use it to idenitfy and download or print out the DOT
description for their assigned job. Using it and their general knowledge of the
job (three are "Benchmark" jobs; the fourth is a Human Resource Management
"Compensation Analyst" the students write a job description for each of the four
jobs. Subsequently the Teams are issued descriptions for the four jobs from
several real world organizations and use them to do job evaluations on the jobs
using a real world point system and array them in an internally equitable job
hierarchy; and then place them in a pay structure using a real world local wage
and salary survey. The objective is adult "learning by doing.
Course: Human Resources Management or Compensation

The DOL DOT lists summary discriptions of thousands of job common to most public and private organizations. The jobs are... see more


Each Compensation Review Team will assign one of the following jobs to a group
member to write a job description: Data Entry Clerk, Secretary/Receptionist,
Senior Accountant, Compensation Analyst. Students should use the Department of
Labor - DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles (found at
"www.olj.dol.gov/libdot.htm" and their own personal general knowledge of the job
as a basis for writing the description (limit to two double spaced word
processed pages. Real world descriptions for each job will be provided later
for comparisoin and all the descriptions will be the basis for subsequent group
evaluation of each job using a real world point system.



Upper Division or Graduate Student


Job Descriptions

Learning Objectives

Understand the how to conduct a job analysis and write a job discription for a sample job