Learning Exercise

Technical Web Site and Related Links

Excellent web site for students majoring in information systems at the college level. Provides daily technology news, many links to other tech sites and magazines, a tech search engine, opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions and a set of 18 topic links that would relate to a variety of information systems courses.
Course: Information systems from introductory to specialized

An excellent site providing daily technology news, links to information technology magazines, ability to sign up for... see more


Students, either as individuals or as members of a team, are assigned weekly reading and study of specific information systems topics related to core topics of the course. Students are required to read at least three different reports/articles on the topic, prepare a concise summary of key ideas and identify any points of disagreement among the reports. Students prepare a short report (maximum of three minutes) to present orally in class and entertain questions from other students.




Students should probably have an introductory background in the study of information systems since many of the items at this site assume a working I.S. vocabulary. For students without such a background they will need to learn terminology and might wish to visit the "whatis.com"


Resource materials to supplement a variety of information systems courses at the college level.

Learning Objectives

1, Develop skill in researching information systems topics.
2, Learn to analyze multiple articles about the same topic and identify key ideas and issues.
3. Develop habit of regular reading of information systems reports and periodicals.
4. Learn to summarize key ideas from current articles.
5. Develop ability to present and discuss results of research to colleagues.