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Equilibrium Demo

A classroom introduction to Thermodynamic Equilibrium applet.
Course: Introductory Physics

A simulation of the kinetic theory of gasses. Students can study the dependence of the mixing of two gasses on... see more



Thermodynamics and the Ideal Gas laws


  1. Run simulation 1. Point out the relation between heat flow and particle motion.
  2. Run simulation 4. Show the relation between diffusion, number density differences, temperature differences, and heat flow.
  3. Briefly show how to change temperature and open and close shutter.


Assign simulation questions to students for individual or group solution. Group questions as: (1, 2, 3) for effect of temperature differences, (4, 5) for density gradient and temperature difference, and (6, 7) for study of fluctuations about equilibrium for small numbers of atoms.


Introduction to Thermodynamics

Ideal Gas


pressure, temperature, equilibrium, ideal gas

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